The plank is one of the simplest bodyweight exercises you can do – why? Because not only does it not require any equipment, but the long list of benefits it provides makes it a super effective form of exercise. Planking can help develop your core, arms, and glutes, but it’s worth learning the proper technique first.

Getting into the plank position is easy, but the tricky part is maintaining your position over a period of time. For beginners, this can be tough as your muscles may not be used to it, but adding a plank to the end of your usual routine will help you get a more varied workout, as well as improving your core conditioning.

If planking is part of your regular routine however, maybe you should consider mixing things up with plank variations. Similarly, if you find the standard plank isn’t doing it for you, or you just want to try something different, there are several ways to plank that are excellent for creating well-defined abs.